Renovating Our Home

So much has happened since my last post. I was engaged to a wonderful man on February 24, 2014 in Miami and life has been quite a whirlwind since then with the real estate market picking up so have sold quite a few homes this Spring plus my interior design projects that are in progress as well as planning the wedding. We decided to make it a short engagement since we have dated for two years, so on June 7th, we will be married! It is very exciting and less than two weeks away. I’ll be moving into Sterling’s home and so along with everything else we are doing a handful of renovation projects with several phases planned. Phase one has been painting the interior and the front porch. Here are a few “before” pictures.

Hannah Parker Home Benjamin Moore good gray paint colorsIt is really important to paint the test color on all four walls. The light hits each wall differently and some of these colors looked neutral gray on one wall, green on another and white on the fourth.

Hannah Parker Home Benjamin Moore good neutral paint colorsEach of Sterling’s rooms was a different color before and some of the walls had a textured feel to them almost like there was sand paper in the paint. I guess that was a “thing” at some point before he bought the house.

Hannah Parker Home Benjamin Moore good gray paint colors 2We decided to go lighter everywhere to brighten up the house as it sits under quite a few large, yet beautiful, shady trees. In fact, the yard is so full of wildlife most of the time. There is a protected green space a block away and sitting on his porch at night we can hear a couple of owls talking back and forth to each other. You can see the porch needed some serious repair & paint.

Hannah Parker Home bungalow front porch before picture Hannah Parker Home bungalow front porch before picture 2

For the porch trim and all of the trim throughout, I selected Benjamin Moore’s classic White Dove. It’s a bit creamy but really is my go-to white for trim. For the porch floor, we decided on Sherwin Williams Network Gray and I think it turned out really well.

Hannah Parker Home bungalow front porch white paint colors Hannah Parker Home bungalow front porch floor gray paint colorsI thought I took an after picture of the porch but I can’t find it. I will eventually post lots of after pictures but it still feels like we are so much in progress everywhere.Here are some more before and in progress pictures and yes, the tire coffee table has now officially retired.

Hannah Parker Home living room bachelor pad before picture Hannah Parker Home Benjamin Moore good gray paint colors 2 Hannah Parker Home bedroom bachelor pad before picture Hannah Parker Home bachelor pad Master bedroom before pictureThat recliner…I cringe!

Hannah Parker Home textured bathroom wall Hannah Parker Home living room painting in progress Hannah Parker Home living room paint Hannah Parker Home hallway painting Benjamin Moore Ashwood Hannah Parker Home bedroom painting in progressIn the end, we chose Ashwood by Benjamin Moore for the interior walls.  Even the ceilings were painted (not White Dove) and the rough walls smoothed. Poor Sterling has been living with his house upside down and full of drywall dust for the last week! He’s a trooper!  Tomorrow work on the bathroom will start with re-glazing the tiles, resurfacing the bathtub, all new fixtures and new closet systems in the master, bathroom & guest bedroom. Here are the closets before, bath then master:

Hannah Parker Home awful bathroom shelving storage beforeHannah Parker Home Master bedroom closet before pictureHannah Parker Home closet renovationPretty handsome demo guy there, and look at that green wall color that was in the bedroom. I cringe again. Tearing things out and making progress is really fun. All we have to do tonight is take out the commode and sink. Thank you Sterling for knowing how to do everything!

Happy Memorial Day! I just realized we need to put out his flag on the freshly painted porch.


6 Ways To Refresh Your Home For Free!

Recently I was meeting with a client who said he wanted me to refresh his home by shopping it. I walked through and started thinking about ways to rearrange and use what he had, only differently. Later I was brushing my teeth and realized that the pretty little ceramic dish that I keep by the sink had been on the right hand side for almost two years, while a collection of three glass cups , which I use to hold make-up brushes, Q-tips and cotton balls was on the left.  I decided to swap them and behold, transformation! It was just a simple thing but got me thinking about how doing little things like that, for zero dollars, can really feel like a mental refresh to a home. Here are the 6 ways to refresh your home for free that were inspired by this ah-ha moment.

#1. Swap the items on your bathroom counter.

Urban Grace Interiors

Urban Grace Interiors

Urban Grace Interiors

Urban Grace Interiors

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Billy Reid & Sid Mashburn inspired office

The retail district of Atlanta’s Westside is absolutely booming. On a recent weekend, Sterling and I were walking around and could barely move through the people in Sid and Ann Masburn’s shops. We finally resigned to people watching by sitting on a bench and eating ice cream from Jeni’s, which wasn’t really resignation in the least. Anyway, that brings me to the point of this post which is that I’ve been working on an office in an industrial space on the Westside and when I interviewed the owner, he said he really liked the vibe of Billy Reid.

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Home styling project sneak peek

I have been so slow about posting projects that started in 2013, so here are a few sneak peeks of one that I can’t wait to show completely when it is finished. The owners did a major renovation to their already charming home in Buckhead, but added on a lovely Master suite, expanded the kitchen with a banquette and bar area, relocated their dining room and made a great slate floor sun room into a more fully liveable, heated and cooled space.

Here’s a little preview

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New Construction Atlanta Westside Bungalow

This was a very fun project to work on. The owners purchased a corner lot in a fantastic revitalizing neighborhood on Atlanta’s Westside to build their dream home. The house is a short walk from FLIP Burger and a 1 minute ride to Westside Provisions Shopping District.  I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the process with them. Nicest people I have ever worked for while doing a new construction project — building an entire house from the ground up can really be trying and often not reveal the best in us.

Here are some photos of the project:

Front Porch swing fits a twin mattress

Front Porch swing fits a twin mattress, designed by the owners.

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My trip to the summer Market show in Atlanta

Much has happened since my last post and I’m now back to Hannah Parker Home & real estate in full force. I had a wonderful re-entry into the world of interiors as the big summer  market show in Atlanta just wrapped up and I spent a few days with all senses on overload. Lots of interesting things to see and people to talk to!

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5 Bath Trends

Hello blog world, it has been too long!

I took a little break from Home Styling to start a new project working with FrontPorch, a fantastic company based here on Atlanta’s Westside, working with clients on their custom homes and renovations. There is a lot of energy and momentum in residential construction currently so it is a wonderful place to learn and be.

Today I wanted to show you five bath trends. This might be helpful for you if you are thinking about a renovation any time soon or maybe just dreaming about one! 🙂

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Boy and girl sharing a bedroom ideas, living rooms and mantles

This week I’m deep into projects and real estate so I’m going to put up some ideas that I’ve been working on with various clients. We’ve got a boy and girl sharing a bedroom, some living rooms and some mantle ideas. Many of them have been tweaked and changed to fit their needs or are still in progress, but  if they give you inspiration in any way, then hooray!

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How to decorate your bookshelves with style

Almost everyone’s home contains a bookshelf or bookshelves which left unattended can become quite the elephant in the room. Jammed and crammed with odds and ends, books turned every direction and shoved on top of other books until every crack and crevice is full. I’ve even seen half of a petrified Pop Tart buried in shiny wrapping left on a shelf by a toddler. A set of built-ins or a couple of freestanding bookshelves often anchor a room and can be one of the easiest things to use as a focal point when styled in a thoughtful way. These are a few pointers to help you along in how to decorate your bookshelves with style. These steps should be easy enough to do with an hour of free time. So set your timer –  I’ve found the ticking noise helps me to focus –  and get to work! Wait, doesn’t everyone have a timer?

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Profit from your next yard sale with better staging

Love them or hate them, yard sales are not going anywhere. Like never before people are looking to DIY, up-cycle, couch surf and thrift – so why not make a few easy staging changes during your next yard sale for a greater profit? Here are 8 tips for what I like to call “staging”, which is really marketing, your next yard sale.

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