Profit from your next yard sale with better staging

Love them or hate them, yard sales are not going anywhere. Like never before people are looking to DIY, up-cycle, couch surf and thrift – so why not make a few easy staging changes during your next yard sale for a greater profit? Here are 8 tips for what I like to call “staging”, which is really marketing, your next yard sale.

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Warning: 10 mistakes when selling your home

Everything that I am about to say in this post comes from my own personal experiences as a realtor over the last eight years. I am not HGTV or Jeff Lewis of Interior Therapy but I am certain these are important things you should know when selling your home. Proper pricing is the number one factor which affects home sales in the market currently and after that everything else on my list comes as a close second, in no particular order.

Mistake #1: Truly believing that your home is the best one in the neighborhood. Once you have adopted this mentality you are in a dangerous place. Every home has its pros and cons, and there are trade offs at every price point. If you begin with an attitude of humility toward the sales process and toward your home, then your experience will be much more successful and healthy for you, your family and your eventual buyers.

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