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Client Testimonials:

“Nothing can describe the sunny effect of Hannah Parker on our home. She left it prettier and in better order by creative problem solving, economical purchases of organizational tools and suggestions for system implementation. And she did all of this while making me feel that she was truly enjoying herself. I never felt judged or inferior because I so badly needed her professional services. Want a sunnier home? Try Hannah Parker.”

–Caroline P. 

“Hannah is a natural at creating an appealing yet practical space! She transformed my cluttered, boring, white-walled, windowless office into a warm, ‘sunny’, organized space by adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls, some framed photographs and other well-placed but functional accessories (a simple open bookcase, clock, lamp)…not to mention organizing the clutter so that when I came back, I walked into a ‘new’ office!” –Jane S. 

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